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    Default Engine Compartment Cleanup

    I'm in the process of buying a 68 AMX that is pretty much original, including the engine compartment. The 390 runs good but is pretty grungy. What should it cost me to have it cleaned up to the point that I won't be embarrassed to pop the hood? Here's a photo.

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    Ahhhhh..........the $64,000 question! Ok, maybe not that much. Are you going to do the majority of the work or drive it to a shop and have them do it all? And to what extent do you want to go? You may find this link useful
    I'd pull the engine and have the engine compartment blasted and reshot. And repaint the block etc. But that's just me. A good scrub and repainting some of the accessories may be all you want to do. If you buy it maybe enjoy it for a year and then decide?

    The valve cover tag is nice to have, not too many left with originals.
    Decode it here



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    Thanks for the reply. I'd love to do it right and go all out like you would do. I don't have the time, facility, experience, or tools to do that job myself however, so I'd be taking the car to someone to do the work. Of course, going all out might be too pricey for me right now. Any idea on a ballpark cost? (I just bought the car today. It's not even in my garage yet!)

    So...I may do a general scrub and clean as you suggest for the time being, enjoy the car for awhile, save my pennies, and go all out next year.

    Thanks again, for your time and your advice.

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    Congrats on buying your AMX!

    On to your question; There's a lot of variables to consider with cost but I'd guess $3,000 to $5000+ to pull the engine, sandblast the bay and refinish the engine and accessories. It's pretty time consuming and the way prices are today it adds up fast. Keep in mind that it also depends on how far you want to go with it. On the low side would be street presentable, then show presentable and on the high side a national show winner with NOS parts. National show winner would easily be in the 5 figure range. The price will also likely vary depending on the area of the country you're in as well.

    I'm sure your plans will change so drive and enjoy it. After a scrub and repainting of the air cleaner tub, heat riser and fender braces it'll look quite nice. Take it to a local cruise-in or show-and-shine. It's all about enjoying them and the folks will appreciate seeing an AMX so just have fun!!


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    Great advice. I'm certainly not ready to spend $5,000 (yet), so I'll do as you suggest and enjoy the car while I'm saving up to really do it nice.

    Thanks again,

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