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    I have a 69 AMX, Auto, 290 CID, #13163. Have any of you ever seen an AMX with a swing-out kleenex dispenser under the dash ??? It just seems a little strange and I've never seen an AMX at the shows with one.

    Also, why do my front wheels tilt out when I back up !!! Is it because of the trunion suspension ?

    Appriciate any response.


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    The tissue dispensers were a dealer option starting with the 1962 cars. You could get them dealer-installed in any AMC car from 1962 to the early 1970s. Early ones were metal, later ones plastic, black in color. They are unusual in an AMX.

    As far as your wheels leaning out--something in your front suspension is dangerously worn out. I'd recommend you DON't drive it until it is professionally checked out, as this has nothing to do with the type of front suspension. Something is shot up front.


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    Thanks for the reply. I put a new set of trunnions in it a few thousand miles ago. I'll have it checked.

    Thanks again.


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