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Thread: '69 Bbb Amx

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    Default '69 Bbb Amx

    I sold this car to someone in Bangor Pa. about 1990. It was a Big Bad Blue 390 4-speed car. I believe the dash plaque was 10206. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Gregg

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    Do you know the vin?
    I can check the Big Bad Register.

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    Yes, I have the VIN: A9M397X232380

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    Sorry I took so long. I looked through all the cars and those people who gave me there vin's. Some don't . I found some really close but not the vin you gave me. Not to say it could be one of the cars that they didn't give a vin. I'll keep my eyes open if this vin comes up and let you know.

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