Howdy gents!

I may be able to get some lugnuts produced for Turbocast II wheels. These would be exact reproductions. Turbocast II wheels are the aluminum wheels that you would think of on a Spirit AMX.

They will of course be expensive, and if there will probably be a minimum order size so I'm wondering how many other people there are who would be interested to make it possible and then decrease the cost per part.

There are some advertised online, and they do look like they fit the wheel correctly but they are not right in terms of appearance. The end of the nut should be flat, not domed.

The effect of correct lug nuts on the looks of the complete wheel on the car is dramatic, they designed the lug nuts the way they did for a reason. And of course if you are having your car judged at a club show or just want the correct part, old worn rusty originals or new "not quite" parts just wont cut it.

So if you think you might want some, please reply here! If nobody is interested except me then it probably wont happen. I'm hoping there will be enough people who want some to get a run produced.

AMC-you at Crofton, MD All-AMC drag racing day or at AMCRC nationals in Annapolis!