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    Default Cardin Javelin Registry- looking for cars,

    Greetings from Costa Rica,

    In order to be more active from my remote location, I decided a while ago to work on some historical AMC websites, including the history of AMC & rambler in Costa Rica,

    I also decided to put a Cardin Registry online now as well to get it active, so I am looking for any Cardin Javelin or AMX owners out there. Please contact me through the site at

    I will also be posting more Cardin history there as I get it digitalized... any info at all is greatly appreciated.

    R Piercy

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    I actually recently stripped out one for parts. If you want the VIN for your registry, please let me know.

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    What kind of shape was the car in that you stripped it down rather then rebuilt it. There are so few around. What condition was the interior in?


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    It was rough when i bought it back in the mid 1990's. I knew the guy that owned it in the early 90's. The quarters were bondoed up and it was repainted red(originally silver). The car had a rough couple of years and got pretty beat up and wound up in a towing impound yard. Thats where i got it from. It was a 360 4bbl auto/console car. It sat behind my garage for about 20 years. About 2 years ago i decided to cut it up.The floors, quarters,rockerswere all rotted out. I cut the car in half and saved the roof, taillight panel, doors and interior. I still have the complete front clip with the drivetrain and suspension. The seats were in decent shape. I dont remember what condition the headliner was in. If you want i can give you the vin and the door tag info for your registry. Regards,Mike.

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