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    Default Dash Production Numbers?

    I have a 1970 AMX 360 auto, A/C, Ram-Air, Go-Pack, ps, pb, tilt, Machine Rims, & Tan leather interior...originally Tijuana tan exterior. It took me 10 years to find an AMX after parting with my 1960 390 4 speed that I owned 19 years!

    My question is about the "Dash Production Numbers?" I know that the were scammed by assembly line mechanics...but my 1970 AMX has a dash plaque of #22390. I know there were just over 19K of these cars produced in the 3 years of the 2 seater production models. I'm wondering if anyone has, or knows of a Dash number higher than this one?

    I plan on a full rotisserie restoration over a 3 year period. This car is ALL original except for the Seats, and a crappy paint job of Bittersweet Orange.

    My 1969 AMX was #11404 (True A9M397X code) and the guy I sold it to had no clue what he got! I owned that car 19 years and have great memories of blowing off many Chevelle's, Corvettes, Cuda's and so on. I sickens me knowing I sold that car for pennies on the dollar...but hence the 10 year search for the 1970 AMX. Not only that, my girlfriend wouldn't get in ANY car that doesn't have air conditioning! Anyone know of a Dash number higher than 22390?

    Thanks! -AMXpensive

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    Welcome to the Forum and congrats on finding your '70 AMX.

    Yeah, there's a few over the years that wish I'd held onto as well.

    Right off the top of my head I can't think of a surviving dash number higher than 22390, I'll post if I find reference to a higher number.

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    I know Tony at has said in the past that has quite a few of the dash numbers so I emailed him if he has any higher numbers than yours. Here's his reply:

    "I have a TON of info on AMX dash numbers. I have studied the history of these dash number plates and can answer just about any question you could want to know including, all the controversial "no number" plates for the beginning of 1968.

    Personally, I have well over 100 numbers in stock and the highest one is 24435.

    The dash numbers really don't mean anything and they have no significance to the car they were put on. The attempt was made to "try" and keep them in order but that never happened. More numbers were stolen from the assembly line than AMC was aware. They were also more AMX's made than the 19134 figure but it is NOT known how many for sure.

    AMC ordered more plates for 69 as they didn't have enough to finish the 69 cars. I have numbers that are over production for 69, as well! The "over production" numbers for 70 are also to make up for what disappeared from the line. I have many that are over production. It is not that uncommon. Any other questions, give me a call".

    (619) 423-0364

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