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    Good afternoon guys and gals (I assume there's a gal or two here!). Not too long ago I came across a lovely little '81 Spirit. I know very little about the car, except that it turned my head and deserved a good home. It was a bit of an impulse buy (got it for a song, so I'm not too worried), and I see now that, while the underside of the floor and outer rocker panels are fine, there seems to be some heavy rust on the inner rocker panel.

    It seems that the dished floor pan is fine, but right beside it, the driver side rocker panel (inner portion) has rusted away. Is this a typical problem area? Of course not seeing it makes it hard to judge, but can this be a major deal? Might it require some serious work? Can this lead to the car bending in two, or does a solid floor make this less of a concern?

    I haven't been home to work on the car lately, but I plan to get on it very soon. I really love the car... which makes me not so upset that I didn't look closely enough before. Hoping to have some fun with the little thing... just thought I'd check with you experts to get an idea of what I'm up against.
    1981 AMC Spirit DL 2-door hatchback

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    Being out west rust isn't an issue I've had to deal with. Not beyond minor stuff anyway. Some of these other guys will have to help you out with that one.


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