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    Default Inline six to a 401, Pacer engine swap

    I have a 1975 Pacer and I'm planning on swapping a 401 into it, replacing the factory 258 inline six. How hard will this swap be? I was wondering if there is any info out there about what I'll need? Or has anyone here done this swap that can give me any advice? Also is there anyone that makes a swapping kit? I've seen kits for none amc cars to go from a six to a V8 but I figure there probably aren't any for AMC's Any help or info would be great!
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    I talked to a friend of mine who has done a 401 Pacer conversion. He said the easiest way is to buy a V-8 Pacer for parts or buy a V-8 Pacer to convert (which is what he did). Kits are not available.

    Some of what you'll need: 401, tranny, driveshaft, rear-end. The six cylinder rear end won't hold up to a 401 for long. V-8 front springs, cross member, radiator, hood and then there's a number of parts that are unique to V-8 Pacers (he didn't go into specifics).

    Converting a Pacer is not as easy as putting a V-8 in a six-cylinder Gremlin or Spirit but the end result is no doubt every bit as fun.

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    Default pacer engine swap

    I'm also interested in finding out what's involved. I just bought a very low mile 75 Pacer from the original owner. Car is in great original condition, and it drives so nice I want to drive it every day - keep the miles of my XK8. Problem is the 258 with 1 barrel carb barely gets up the hills. Trying to decide whether to build up a Jeep 4.0, or swap in a V8 (even a 401 if it would fit). Any and all info anyone has would be appreciated. You can e-mail me, or call me toll free at 800-274-5372 ext 8660. Thanks...

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    I installed an 84, 5 litre HO Mustang V8 engine with the 5 speed manual tranny in my custom 76 Pacer. It was not that big of a deal.

    The Mustang oil pan was perfect for the project and fit like a glove. I made custom motor mounts by combining the Pacer mounts with the Ford mounts. I also installed a nodular 9" rear end out of a Boss Mustang. It worked well when all done.

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