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    Default '68 and '69 AMX's for sale!

    Red '68 and Brown '69 AMX's for sale. Neighbor wanted me to post these for him. Both have 390s that run (at least when he stored them). 68 would be a good project car in fair condition. 69 is in not so good condition but could be restored into something worth having.
    If you are at all interested, or have any questions, contact me and I will get him your number so you can get answers straight from the horses mouth.
    He would like to get rid of them before winter, so it may be a good opportunity for someone. He's talking about taking them to the junk yard because he needs the room. (they've been stored inside for the past 15-20yrs? I'm not sure.
    He is open to selling parts but would prefer to sell them whole. Thanks

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    Where are they located? And ads get more exposure in the classifieds. If you can, post some pictures.

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