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    Need help on hooking up the vaccume lines from the fuel pump for the wipers on a 1968 AMX. one line goes from the pump to the wipers.where does the feed line come from to the pump?..thanks....Randy

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    Not ever having an AMX with vacuum wipers I checked the TSM and didn't find anything there. The Motor manual only states some cars used the intake manifold, that's great - but where?

    How 'bout it you guys - anybody know the specific local?

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    Default vacuum wiper hook up

    I know that the line you are seeking runs off of manifold vacumm from the rear port near the PCV valve. I believe it was a steel line that runs down the manifold along the left( driver side ) bank to the fuel pump. It has to be manifold vacuum not ported vacuum. Anyone that owned any sort of car with vac wipers can confirm that because if you were not on the throttle those vac wipers were not doing much for ya'. I looked for a picture of the setup but couldnt find a good one. Gordy Chilson has a 69 390 AMX (BBB) that has vac wipers. If you can get in touch with him he could tell you all about it. The only thing I am using for reference is my brain from my old reliable 71 Matador w/304, pretty sure I still have the lines tucked away somewhere. I hope this helps you and maybe somebody can shed more light on this for you.

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    got one of those,use manifold vacuum port on the intake manifold,mine screws into a fitting on intake

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    I have one on vacuum, only I replaced that steel line from fuel pump with a rubber hose. That's the only line going to the vacuum wipers and they work just fine

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