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    Default air grabber hood

    The flap on my 70 amx hood is vac. operated but not hooked up Any one know which is the correct place to hook it to and what about vac. brake booster where is it connected? The orig. carb. was replaced with a holly carb (650 maybe)with only one big port on the back side
    with a 3/8 hose going to a rubber plug or grommet on the back of the intake

    any help would be great

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    Hello I'm just a new guy in a rookie but I think you need a vacuum pump that is also part of the fuel pump that's what runs my Wind shield wipers I would presume it will run that just fine good luck

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    I'm not sure how its routed. You may want to invest in a 1970 Technical Service Manual (TSM). They are a huge help when working on these cars. I'd look on ebay for one.

    I do know that Tony Zamisch has actuators, or can rebuild yours, if needed. He could tell you how it's routed as well.

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