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    Way back in '74, I was a senior in high school and bought my AMX as my graduation present to myself. Trans Am red, white t-stripe, 360 Go-Package, auto, white interior and black carpet. I joined the military and was in Memphis, TN. In 1978 on my way back to Millington from the airport when a guy flags me over to stop. He said he used to have an AMX just like mine and wanted to buy my car - on the spot. His last name was McWhorter, Mc Whirter(sp?). He lived in a huge house and I sold the car to him. To this day, I've regretted selling that car and would appreciate any information about what happened to it. I Don't have any info as to a VIN. It was registeredi n KS when sold. I've long since retired from the military and would like nothing better than to get ahold of the car and live out my days cruisin' in it again.


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    As someone who had sold his AMX and was very fortunate to get it back just last week I wish you luck in your quest. I thought I would never see that car again. Don't give up you might just realize your dream.

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