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    I put a new trans pan gasket on now I have a leak can anyone tell me how much torque I am suppose to use I really don't want to over tighten the bolts. I own a 73 amx with the 401 in it
    thanks for any help given

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    I may not be able to help you with torque numbers. Maybe , the problem may be in another direction slightly. Recently watched a tv automotive help show, they discussed how to get a good seal on valve covers. Stock style valve covers will have the bolt holes pulled thru somewhat due to years being bolted to the engine. Turn valve cover over, use flat dolly and hammer the mounting areas flat again., new gasket, perfect fit. Get where I'm going with this' valve covers,trans pan' thin metal, both hold oil. Hey, orth a try, , , hope you gat her back on the road. woodsman1953

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