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    Default caliper clearance issues with torque thruster rim

    New to forum. Bought original 1968 AMX 390 automatic 2 years ago. Finally working on the 'refresh'.

    Front completely redone. Car has torque thruster rims. Always felt real snug regarding clearance between caliper housing and rim. When i put the remanufactured calipers on, there is literally no space and rim rubs against caliper when tire is mounted and centered. Backspacer plate is fine. Car did have spare 14" Rally rim so when that is on, there is enough clearance for wheel to spin freely though not much.

    If I purchase new 14 rims will I have same issue or am I better off moving up to 15# which would give me 1/2 clearance. If I go up in rim size what other factors should I be concerned with or consider?

    I look forward to the advice


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    The stock rims clear but the aftermarket rims rub? Measure the inside of your stock rally wheel and compare to the measurement of the Torque Thrust. Since the Torque Thrust is cast alumium, the inner webbing would be thicker. If you go to a 15" wheel just watch the tire height and circumferance so the tire won't hit the fender lip when turned lock to lock. Hope this helps.Mike.

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