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    Default Newbie with pics and need info

    I introduced myself last night and explained my intentions as to why I am here. I am going to be getting this 1969 AMC AMX ready to sell for my former bosses wife. My boss passed away recently and we are going to be down sizing the car collection. Here is the AMX that I need some advice and pointers on to get it ready to sell. This AMX is original unrestored. It has had the camshaft, ignition, exhaust and air cleaner changed as far as I know. Any advice on what needs to be changed back to original to benefit the buyer and seller and the car will be appreciated. Here are the pics.
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    From what I can see in the pictures: The car has had quite a few modifications. The paint color is called Bittersweet Orange, which is correct for 1969. However, the bumpers were originally chrome, not body color as these are. I would suspect it's had a repaint. According to the VIN it's a 1969, 390, 4-speed so the Go-Pack stripes would be correct IF it has the optional Go-Pack (which AMC did not indicate in the VIN). The wheels are correct.

    The interior is not original. From what I can see the headliner and door panels have been modified/customized. The steering wheel is not original, nor correct for the car. It looks like later AMC or Jeep. The seats are not from a 1969 AMX. I can't see enough of them to tell what they might be from but the headrests were not integrated into the seat in '69 like these are. The radio is not original.

    The engine valve cover tag 206W18 decodes to June 18, 1969 - 390. To confirm the correct code the cid number is cast on the sides of the block in approximately 2" high numbers, they're located behind (above) the engine mounts. Grab a flashlight and crawl under the car. I'd suspect it's a 390 but it's a good idea to confirm it.

    If you go to this link you'll find info including a break down on options - There's also a picture of the seats in 1969 so you can see what the difference is. Also, see if the car has the Light Group and/or Visibility Group along with the Go-Pack. You'll see their breakdown, ask if you need help.

    Though the car is not in unrestored, original condition as you had thought it might be, it looks like a nice car. IMO I'd clean it up, make sure it runs good and sell it as it is. Looking at it in the pictures it looks like it's pretty well ready to hit the streets. If you want to get it back to original condition it's going to take more work, time and money than either of you may want to get into.

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    I agree 100 %. Very nice car but not close to original. The person that would buy this car would be looking for a weekend or a Friday night cruiser. The type to drive and hit the local car shows. To put the interior back to stock with NOS or NORS parts would cost $2000 to $3000 alone. Sell it as is and let the new owner decide what to do with it. Godd luck.

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    Agree w/ both above. Finding parts is as time-consuming as restoration. Heck, it took me over a year to find a stock steering wheel for my 68, as an example.
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