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    Default Another former AMX owner who found his old car

    I bought my 1973 AMX for $750.00 back in 1981. I spent the next few years restoring the car into a very nice but not perfect car for cruising and shows. In 2005 I decided to sell the car. I put it on Ebay and a fellow from Kansas City Mo. bought the car. He came to Cincinnati , picked up the car and drove it back to Mo. I thought I would never see the car again. Then on a Saturday about three weeks ago I was looking on Ebay at AMC cars and to my surprise there it was newly listed on Ebay. I could not believe it. I told my wife my old car was on Ebay. She asked how did I know it was the same car. There was a pic of the dash and you could see the owner still had the same key rind I had given him. That and a few other clues I was sure it was the same car. I bid on the car and was lucky enough to get the car back. It was delivered last week and it's going to it's first cruise tomorrow morning. I was very lucky to find this car and get it back. I know there are others out there looking for there old cars. Keep the faith and don't give up. You just might find it again.

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    Welcome to the forum dlancer! Nice to hear you found your AMX and were able to bring your old friend home.

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