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    Default Timing is off with new electronics kit installed

    I've recently inherited my brothers 69 AMX auto 390. I've been advised that upgrading to an electronic ignition is more reliable and adds more performance and at the same time keeps the original look. I have a basic understanding and after doing some research the Petronics type of ignition kit was what I was looking for. So I went with Crane Cam XR 1 conversion kit with a built in rev limiter which is a nice feature. The installation is very straight forward and is a nice direct replacement of the points system. My question is after the kit installation the timing is now off and no longer idles at 550 -1TDC but 1000rpm and not sure how off it is as it's almost not viewable. Why would the timing be way off after changing to the installing the kit? Will adjusting the timing change the idle speed back to 550rpm?

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