Hi, discovered this forum while working with my son in law to revive his 1968 AMX, parked long ago. The water pump on the 390 engine is frozen so we set out to remove it for rebuild/replacement. Can't quite get it off as one mounting tang on water pump casting is covered by a mounting tab for the a/c compressor support bracket. Now working to find bolts to allow us to pull the a/c compressor assembly and bracket aside so we can pull the water pump. We have removed 2 nuts but I think I can see a third one under the a/c compressor. I am headed in the right direction or missing something. Would AMC have built an engine that required removal of a/c compressor to get at the water pump? I am new to forums so probably asking this question in the wrong place. Anyway, this looks like a great forum and we'll be grateful for anything we can learn here.