I was the second owner of this 1970 AMX and sold it in the mid 80's while living in Sierra Vista, AZ a decision I regretted within weeks. IT was an original 360 4 speed car big bad orange with black mask. I don't have the vin but the dash number is 19888. The engine and trans were out of the car at the time it was sold. It had a built 390 using a 401 block. Heads were ported (performance american style). It had the t10 and a 727 with it. 2 differentials i with 4:44 to 1 and 3:54 to 1. It had the rebel machine wheels, j bolt traction bars. My dad was a factory rep for AMC and I was a tech. I specifically built it for street racing. I would love to find her again. Oh it was also the first car I purchased in 1975. I bought it from a Dad in Steerling Park VA who was selling his son's car. His son was in the military and he said he had held on to it long enough and his son wasn't coming home. I don't know for sure but I took it that his son paid the ultimate price in Vietnam. If you own it or know where it is I would like to here from you. You also have a little more of the history behind the car. <br>
For those of you interested in the racing part. I have pitted the little rambler against Hemi chargers, 440 six pack and a variety of other Mopars, endless list of BBC and Fords. I even ran against a 76 trans am with a 500 cid aluminum BBC. My only rule it had to be street legal and run on street tires. I found a set of ugly aluminium slots that let me put N50-15 Pro trac 240 compound street tire under the fenders. It would lift the front tires and always left hard and straight. I ran cars that were tuning low 9's on the track and take their money on the street. I loved the fact that everyone thought AMC's don't run, sure made me a lot of money. <br>
I lost my first race with the car the weekend after I bought it. It was bone stock with the 360 and 3:54 gears. I ran a 69 Camero with at stock 350/350 HP car with headers and intake, he didn't mention the 4:88 gears. After losing by about 4 car lengths and handing over $20 I decided to build it as a street car. Next spring it came out with headers and intake and 4:44 gears. We ran again in the spring this time he wouldn't run for less than $50. I was happy to take his $50. Then I started plans for the 390 build. That was the only loss I had on the street.