Hello all, first post here, hoping to pick your brains a little.
Looking at buying a 68 AMX but I really know very little about AMC cars, have been more of a GM guy till now (had a couple BB Chevelle SS's back in the day) but hoping to pick up something a little different this time.

The seller tells me there is no way to tell if the motor, trans, diff etc are original, there's no "matching numbers" like on GM's etc, is this true?

He says this car has a "Donahue block" in it, says early in it's life the original engine was swapped out for this one which has thicker cylinder walls or something?

There's 2 tags on the passenger shock tower, one is the car VIN, the other verifies the 'Donahue' block apparently?

I'm told it had 3.15:1 gears in the posi diff, does that sound legit? (Has 4.10's now)

He also gave me the following, any help with breaking down this info would be appreciated, thanks!

Vin # is A8C397X328411

Model # is 6839-7

trim # is 832A