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    Default long time ago joined, but first post

    Greetings! Glad to see there are still a few AMX forums going!
    I don't think I've visited here in a few years, but I joined in 2006 & have stopped by once in a while to read, although I'm too lazy to look up my password & sign in!

    I have loved the 1968 -70 AMX series since the early 70's. Bought a white 68 AMX with the 290 & auto, from a super nice guy who also owned a beautiful 69 390 go pack 4spd, & he gave me his 68 with the promise I'd sell another car I had to pay him for the AMX.... (Times were different back in the early 70's!)
    Well, after weeks of my other car not selling for what I wanted, I couldn't raise the cash and gave him back the 68... But, I did fall in love!

    Fast forward to the mid-eighties, I saw a 69 AMX for sale local & picked it up. A green 390 go-pack with 4spd & positrac, mostly stock except for mag wheels.

    I got to drive it for just a very few weeks & then, the clutch gave up the ghost! (Ya, probably mostly my fault!) ... But, since I had several other cars and a truck, I was almost happy to have an excuse to pull the AMX apart, planning to build the motor with a few more ponies & clean everything up !!!

    ... Hind sight, I should have just dropped the trans & put the new PP & disc in! (In fact, somewhere, I still have the brand new purple Zoom pressure plate & disc I ordered, sitting in a box! I see it once in a while, a sad reminder)
    Of course life happens, and I got a new job, then came kids, ... & the poor AMX and the parts got shuffled around over the years & the body has been sitting out for years.
    I still have mixed emotions about sending it to the junkyard, so it still sits behind my house!

    Anyway... too much info! ...Sorry...
    But I envy those of you who are able to drive and enjoy, ...that wonderful 1968-70 American Motors Experimental 2 seat powerhouse,...the slot-car rocket for a car! ... Or, maybe, I just miss the 70's too much!
    Thanks for reading & thanks for keeping the interest in early AMX's and other American motors alive!!!


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    Yes welcome back and I am glad to hear from your again!

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    Default Thank You!

    Quote Originally Posted by Glitzerosph View Post
    Yes welcome back and I am glad to hear from your again!
    Thank you!
    I'm just glad to see the forum & the good folks here, the true enthusiasts, ... still here and fighting the good fight to save the true classics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ex-amx View Post
    69 AMX ... green 390 go-pack with 4spd & positrac
    ...sounds a lot like my '68 that I bought in '77. A few years later, I decided to restore & renovate, so I took her apart ... then I lost my contract job. I moved a couple of times, from job to job, always bringing her with me; but I never again had the cash or the shop for the R&R, so she remains in storage.

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