Hi all, I just purchased a 1970 AMX I have wanted one for awhile. I had a 1969 back about 1977 that I got for $300.00 and played with for a while. I traded it for a Chevy with AC. Anyway I always remembered that car as the one that got away. So awhile back I decided to sell a couple of cars and buy a AMX. I bid on a couple on line but never won the bids. Them one came up on Ebay in my state so I went to see it and was able to make a deal to get it. It is home now and I am just looking it over, changing the engine oil and grease and checking trans and diff. ect. It is a older restore but still nice. I am sure I will need some help and advise soon so thanks for having me and look forward to getting to know you. tman1912