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    Default greets from an old/new member!

    I bought my '68 AMX 390 Go-Pack in 1977 (therefore old) and I'm fairly sure I was a member of this Forum some years ago; but it didn't accept what I thought was my username and password, so I had to register as new.
    The body of my poor old car was in great near-new shape when I bought her for $1800 -- but the running gear had received no maintenance, the carburetor leaked, and the tires were threadbare. I was flush at the time, so a few thousand dollars later, she had new BFG tires, new shocks, new bushings, Thorley headers, Turbo mufflers, electronic ignition, and an Offenhauser cross-ram manifold with two small Holley four-barrels. By about 1984 she was a magnificent beast; but the motor was beginning to lose compression, and I never liked the "metallic forest green" colour, so I decided to rebuild and repaint.
    I took out the motor and trans, sent the rolling chassis to be re-painted and re-upholstered, and set about to have the motor/trans rebuilt -- then I lost the contract job I had held for nine years. Long story a little more short: that is where the project sits now.

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    Welcome to the community.

    I was worried to say you had to sell her as that would have been a real shame. It is always a shame when we have the time, we are short on the money, but when we are flush with cash we don't have the time.
    Hopefully things turn around soon.


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