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    Default Looking for my old AMX

    I owned a 68 AMX which I believe has the VIN A8M397X00646, which I sadly had to sell to a guy from Lansdale PA in the winter of '75 - '76, to pay for a semester's tuition at Villanova. The car was a 390 4 speed, blue in color. I am now retired in CA and into restoring older cars, and it would be great to find my old car and restore it to original. As you know tracking older cars with less than a 17 character VIN is next to impossible, but if it still exists, I hope there is a chance that someone in your club may know who has it now. I would be happy to pay to post an ad with your club or local magazine /paper to help locate it. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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    I hope you find the right prospect soon!

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