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    I have had depression and anxiety for a long time now but I took my medicines for it. Recently, I found myself slowly snowballing back to my old state. I donít want to go back but I donít know what to do. Do you have any suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.

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    Not sure how to answer your question as this is not really the community for it and I would suggest you seek out professional help. There help lines and video conferences to help people in different situations. I know with the currently lock down it has been tougher then normal and harder on some. I find talking with others helps for a while, but to really make a difference we need to figure out what our triggers are and how to look out for them. Please give it some thought and seek out help, even if it is just to see what your options are. In this day and age we no longer have to hide from our issues and can ask for help in dealing with them.


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