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    Default 1957 Rambler Rebel

    1/43rd Rambler Rebel in silver. $89.95
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    Thumbs up back in the day.....

    my mom & dad had a 57 rambler that looked just like that, it wasnt the 327 version it had a strait 6. my dad was working at a car dealership in fresno and they had one of those "you can use any car for a trade-in deals" he got it for $200, it smoked but ran good! after he bought a 62 rambler american he sold it to someone for $800 i guess the guy left a note on the windsheild and a while later he called and the guy couldnt wait to get it! wonder where it is now. it would be interesting to know what happened to your old cars!
    AMC American Muscle Car!!!

    i love them AMC door handles!!!

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