When I was 18 I had a Choice of a 68 Camaro or 69 Amx. i wanted something different. The AMX became my dream. The car looked like A piece of Swiss cheese, with smoke coming out from behind dash and sitting on a Milk cart, I drove it home. I had no experience at restoring a car or mentors to help. I was young and hungry for a Hot rod. I bought a Chilton's and got to work. Rear quarters I fabricated out of galvanized heat duck medal. rivets and fiberglass. surprisingly it still hasn't poped. I had Engine long block, Trans rebuilt and a friend painted. The beautiful thing about Fiberglass and bondo is, you can keep sanding it out till you get it right. It took three years of almost everyday after work and weekends, working on it but I got it done. I paid $250 for the car but three years later I had to get it appraised for insurance. Southern motors app it at $10,000. Amazing what you can accomplish when you have a dream don"t give up. Well, now I am 52, just like me the car has a lot more miles on it and it is time to restore the AMX once again.