Hey guys and gals. Not new to the AMC and Rambler world by a long shot. Been messing with AMCs since 78 when I got my first 70 Javelin as a sixteen-year-old. Been an enthusiast ever since. Ive torn them apart raced them crashed them and rebuilt them over and over. 40 AMC + cars and 40+ years latter I'm still building and enjoying the ride but crashes I left behind a while back. At this time, I own a 70 390 4 speed AMX that I have been after for some 25+ years and finally gave up until 6 months ago. stopped by the guy's house and he had the car parked outside under an Oak. ouch! I got it somewhat cheap but there is a good story hear and later will share. Also a 70 Javelin that is as basic as basic can be. bought it as a donor but having second thoughts. 232 3 on the tree no nothing everything manual. body is not terrible not much rust but it looks like it went through a derby or two. Od but in the back seat area it had a 70 Jav/AMX center console complete and in good shape. selling later. My other ride is a 59/60 Rambler American 2 dr S/W. its my cruiser. 2.5 AMC mill 4R700 60* transmission and a narrowed 8.8. It needs painted but its needed paint for 7 years so no hurry. well got to get out and make some money.