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    Default Hello from Michigan! New owner-sort of…

    Greetings! I’m beginning a mechanical revival on a one-owner 68 AMX, 343 4-speed. The car was purchased new by my Niece's father in Philadelphia. He is 90 now, and in failing heath, so he gave the car to my Niece, who lives in Houston. Confused yet? I know I am. My Niece has fond memories of riding in this car with her dad when she was a youngster. Neither she nor her husband have old school wrenching skills, but I do. I agreed immediately to take the car and get it running and driving. I should state that the car has been in his garage since 1997, and to the best of anyone’s knowledge, hasn’t been out since. It passed 1997 state inspection, so I’m guessing it ran then.

    My niece had the car shipped to me last week, and I’ve been going over it carefully trying to determine the best way to proceed. I’ll post a revival thread, and will be asking the members here for guidance.


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    Awesome ! Good Luck.

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