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    Default 1970 360 oil pressure

    Hey guys Im new to the forum so hello. anyway have a rebuilt 360 the oil pressure cold on this thing is 52 psi cold and 7.0 psi hot all at idle, as far as I know all the galley plugs are in, no knocking. Just wondering if anybody has ever shimmed there oil pressure relief spool to get idle psi up to around 10 to 15 psi. I checked the spool to make sure its not stuck. I have removed the housing and the spool bounces in the bottom like it supposed to. I would like to see more oil pressure at idle than I have . the bearings in the engine are all standard size the crank shaft was in great shape. so I only thing I can think of is to shim the oil relief spool. any help would be greatfully appreciated

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    Hello, welcome. I had that issue with my 1970 360 back in the 90's. The shim did help at the time but the engine was in need of a complete overhual. Since then I have had a rebuild done and cold I get between 65-70 psi and hot I get about 10-12. Thats without the shim presently and about 25K on the engine.
    So my experience was that the shim did the trick at the time.

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