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    Default looking for '69 Javelin with ORIGINAL headliner (pic)

    Anyone have a Javelin with original headliner? If so and you could send me a pic I would be grateful. I would prefer (obvious in a 'perfect' world) an early car. My car is E029015 on the door tag which means it's a end of October/Nov. 1, 1968 produced car. I am trying to figure out if my car had the ribbed Kivar type of headliner or the 'smooth' type. Surely someone out there has a low mile mint '69 Javelin from early production. My car is a survivor original type car except it was missing a couple original things, the headliner being one. It was replaced with a headliner from a later Javelin with a dome lamp.


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    Post Headliner

    The headliners in the early Javelins really suck in that the glue that they used to hold up the headliners would let go after only a few years. Most headliners were of the vinyl type. Since I own a 70 AMX and a 71 Javelin, both headliners let go. I was able to replace the Javelin with a later model Javelin headliner (kind of a perforated type of headliner) and the 70 AMX was replaced with a cloth headlining material that was picked up at a fabric store. What I did was stripped the old material (vinyl) off of the shell, cleaned up the shell of the old glue, and glued the cloth using 3 M adhesive glue. This resulted in a very even headliner with no bubbles or bumps in it. The glue must be spread out evenly on the whole thing and pressed on by hand to get rid of any bubbles. This can be a time consuming project but the results are outstanding.
    I do understand that you want to keep the car in orginial condition, but as far as the headliner is concern, I do not know of anybody who has replicated the headliner using the vinyl itself. AMC used this type of material pretty until the end (87) and had the same results. After only 3 or 4 years the stuff would start to sag and that was it. Kind of lousy quality control in the stuff and it showed.

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