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    Hi, you do have an early 71 full length console. As for a waste of plastic, I think they fit better with the lower center control panel. I have a gap below mine (Which I did not with the 73 I once had)... of which I have plans to modify when I remove the carpet and go with rubber mats.

    As for the lower console... I have no records showing that any 71 has an open face like the 72 - 74 for the ashtray and lighter. Since your car is an early 71, I can only guess that the lower center console must have been replaced at one time.

    As for your owners manual, I am questioning why it does not show the ashtray we are having discrepancies over. My original owners manual for 71 clearly shows the ashray and lighter with the door open, and has the factory insert for care of removing and installing the front ashtray.

    I am surprised that you have not found other early documentation on this matter. All my resources show clearly that in the early stages of designing the 71 Javelin and in final production... AMC had chose to hide the front ashtray and lighter.

    So, please understand why I question such a small issue... It just is not logical for AMC to reverse order of change. I could very well see a very late 71 Javelin coming out with a 72 lower center console, but not a early 71.

    Like I said in the past that I am picky, and question small things at times.

    Does anyone else here have a 71 Javelin too, and give some light?

    Maybe I have been to critical on this.

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    Post Astray

    I may have answer this once before, so bear with me. I have a 71 Javelin SST with the center console and a automatic. I do not have the hidden ashtray on my car. The car was built in September of 1970 which would make this an early model Javelin for that year (model run). From my view point this makes that the vast mority of the Javelins built were open faced ashtrays. With 26,000 71 Javelins built that would make for about 2100 cars made for each month. The debuts of the new models was usually early September which meant that AMC would need about 2 or 3 months lead time to ensure that the dealers had the cars on the lots in time for the debut. This is my thinking and is not based upon any known fact that I am aware of.

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