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    Default 1968 AMX engine paint

    I am in the process of rebuilding the engine in my 1968 AMX, the engine is a 390, I would like to know if anybody would happen to know what part number the engine paint would be, either in Plasticote or another paint manufacture.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    For 1968, the AMC engine paint was called "Caravel Blue". In 1969 they went to Alamosa Aqua which is many shades lighter. The Ditzler paint code from the parts book is DDL13416 and the Dupont Lucite code is 4936LH. This is actually the same color used on the car bodies but with a formula designed to resist heat.

    Caravel Blue is a darker, non-metallic blue. It is available thru the Eastwood Company.

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    Seymore has AMC Engine paint in rattle can, but I don't have the Part number with me right now, It is the lighter metalic type.
    But I guess this doesn't matter since you said you needed 1968 engine color.

    On a similar subject though, Didn't California Emmissions Engines have a different color alltogether? Red?
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