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    Default Treunion Headache

    Just replaced a set of treunion on my 69 AMX. It was a urethane instead rebubber sold by one of the amc vendors. It sqeaks like there is no tomorrow.

    What should I do ? Put the old ones back or push out the urethan and grease them up?


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    Hi, in the 90's I upgraded to urethane bushings... though I did not have a Trunion front end. I used an expensive spray, about $20.00 a can. I can't remember the name... and I dont know who bought the company. I do know it was like the slickest substance I ever came across (it was very hard to hold anything with your bare fingers). I did not have any noises from the urethane for 2 years of daily driving and parked outside.

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    I found the following at:

    One of the major complaints about polyurethane is how incredibly squeaky it can be if not lubed properly. It is recommended that you rough up poly spring bushings with coarse sand paper before installation. Most sets of polyurethane also come with a silicone type grease that will not evaporate. By coating the bushings in the grease, and roughing them up beforehand, the poly bushings will not squeak."


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    Get rid of the Poly. Try Rare Parts Inc. They sell OEM style trunnions, no poly.

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