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    Question 69-70 Javelin/AMX suspension

    I have seen an ad somewhere I cant find right now for front coil over shock setup said to be for 70+ AMC Javelin and AMX's. What changed from 68-9 to 70 in the suspension that would not make these work for the earlier cars?


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    Unhappy Front end changes

    In 1970 AMC changed their front ends from the old trunnion type front end with one lower ball joint to that of the twin ball joint setup similiar to that of the Ford Mustangs. AMC was behind the times in changing the front ends of the cars due mainly to costs. This company was not a large producer of cars and in some cases it showed.
    So from 69 to 70 many of the parts just would not interchange between the front ends. 70 was the year of changeover and the parts just would not interchange.

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    Default Trunnions and suspension question

    I own a 1969 amx.

    In May on put on new trunnions, ball joints, bushings in the front,
    I have learned that the new trunnions were urethane. Now it seems there is a lot of play in the steering and drifting on the highway. Before it was nice and tight and no drifting

    Any advice?

    Should I put the old trunnions back on?

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    Unhappy No real answer

    I have almost no expierence with the old trunnions and can go only by word of mouth. It is my understanding that the old trunnions were rubber bushings and the newer style is the stuff you are using now. They will also start to squeak. I am not aware of anything that will resolve this problem with new trunnions, but I am sure there is someone out there who can help you more than I can.
    My expierence is mainly with the 70 and up stuff since my oldest AMC is a 70.

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    I'm not a lot of help either, but I do know that the trunion style front end requires a different method of aligning the front end.
    I'll dig out my shop manual and try and locate some info unless someone else comes up with an answer.

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    Default coil-over shock front suspension setup

    EB338 mentioned a coil-over shock setup fo 70+ AMC, I saw this trick setup for either 69/earlier and 70/up suspension cars and thought I would pass it on.

    They also make a neat solid lower control arm bushing thats worth looking at. The light-weight strut arm setup is kinda cool too.

    they have AMC reproduction parts as well as used stuff too. Like a one piece fiberglass repro of the 77 Hornet AMX front flares/spoiler combo.

    maybe they will give me one of those front suspensions for the free advertising I am doing? LOL.

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