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    Default Ex-owner back in the game.

    After selling my '69 390 AMX two years ago I am ready to try and find it, or pick up another one. I will go onto the Classifieds to put on my Wanted specifics, but I do have a question for here:

    Any legal way to track down the guy I sold it to if I have the VIN? I misplaced my copy of the bill of sale with his name and address in Arizona. I still have my State Farm insurance cards with the VIN. I looked through Hemmings and did not see any service like what I am looking for. I assume he is still in Arizona. I don't want to harass him, only let him know that I would like a crack at the car if he ever decides to sell it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jerry Phillips
    Las Vegas

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    I'd try contacting the Arizona DMV and see if that information would be available to you.


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