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    Default Fiberglass AMC Parts

    Looking for a fiberglass Donohue spoiler, fenders, hood, decklids, doors, bumpers or even AMX bodies? Try Frank's Custom Fiberglass in Bernville, PA. He specializes in fiberglass AMC parts. 610-488-9132

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    Default 1/4 panels

    How about 1/4 panels for 68-70 Javelins?

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    full or half quarters? fiberglass?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by green70javelin
    How about 1/4 panels for 68-70 Javelins?
    Hmmmm.....dunno. If you find a source let us know.


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    Anything for 'humpback' Javelins? Hoping to have sources for replacement parts (if needed) for when I get going on the 74.

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