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    Default Subframe Connectors/Frame Stiffening

    Does anyone have any recommendations for homebuilt or to-buy frame stiffening components, and/or subframe connectors? Thanks,
    p.s. the car is a 74 Jav.

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    I had a 74 Jav that I connected at home using 2X3 Steel tubing.
    I cut the nose off of the back sub frame and stuffed the tubbing in side.
    The tubing runs through the back floor pan where the rear passenger's feet would go. It runs up next to the front Sub frames. Because the Rear and front frames do not line up you will have to weld the tubing to the side of the fron frames and I used a plate to cap the front of the tubing and to bridge the tubing and front connector. (easier for welding.) this was verg strong and easy to do. But not very nice for rear passengers. My car was a track car so I didn't care much.


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    This is a place that manufactures frame connectors for AMC.

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