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    Default Preping then Preserving?

    Hello, I have another 1983 SX/4. She is loaded with options inside but I'm afraid the previous owner had stripped her down to bare eveything outside. I can not get to her to do a frame up restore right now. My question is ....I want to kill the small areas of rust that are on her then preserve her until we can do the restore. What products do I use in what steps to ensure she will be ok until we do the restore and where should I make sure I do this too besides the obvious areas that "show"? She is in Primer in my Gallery on here.

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    I don't have much experience with rust issues where I am but for helpful tips I'd take a look at:


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    Default Rust Prevention

    If all you want to do is make sure the rust doesn't continue to grow until you are ready to do a full restore. I would recommend you use POR-15. You can paint POR-15 directely on the rust and it will stop it cold. I would recommend you sand the areas of rust and try to get clean metal around the rust area then paint the POR-15 on it. Buy the smallest can I think that is a one pint or 1/2 pint can since it does not keep well once it is opened and it isn't cheap. One other thing make sure you use gloves and keep it off you skin because you will not be able to get it off once it drys for a few minutes.

    You can find it on line or any good auto paint shop probably carries it. We use it on parts we provide to waste water treatment plants that have extremely agressive conditions towards steel and it is tough as nails.

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