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    Default '68-'70 Javelin/AMX door glass repair tips

    1. clean the regulator roller channels with solvent and lubricate them. White lithium grease should work fine. They get dirty over years from decayed door to window seals and the grease dries out and hardens and there will be a lot of resistance to the regulator rollers moving up and down. This helps the glass go up and down much smoother if you clean and lubricate the roller channels.

    Then try this:

    It's off a Cougar website, but the design is the same. Ford ditched this design pretty quick...AMC kept it 3 years.

    Having the stops at the ends with TWO seperate mounting channels tends to make the channels tip up at center when you contact the stop ESPECIALLY when you keep cranking for the extra few mms of 'snug' against the roof rail seal. This leads to glass breaking loose from adhesive over time.

    Get glass adjusted to right height, door adjusted right, crank to up stop, and STOP. Don't turn window crank anymore once you reach the up stop. This will go a long way towards helping your repair last.
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