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SIDEWINDERS INSTRUCTIONS These are general instructions written as a universal guide for installing "Sidewinders" side‑exhaust. Therefore, you may find some instructions do not apply to your car. Because of automobile manufacturing tolerances, we are unable to custom fit all units. We have found 1/2" to 1/4" difference from one side of the car to the other. In the interest of a good custom fit, we have provided extra length mouldings, and bendable hangers.

1. Remove entire stock exhaust system from the exhaust manifold back. Save the stock metal flange plate and the packing gasket (If this gasket is worn, replace).

2. Remove rocker panel mouldings, if any.

3. If your car has chrome wheel lip mouldings, remove screws from the back portion of both front wheel wells.

4. Using your stock metal flanges and packing gaskets, install both "Sidewinder" head pipes.

5. Slide mufflers on the ends of each head pipe.

6. Slide chrome tips on rear of each muffler (tips should be slightly ahead of rear wheel opening - *it may be necessary to shorten tips or headpipe by cutting them with a hack‑saw to get exact fit).

7. Using rear hanger and clamp, secure chrome tips and making sure muffler is parallel with rocker panel, mark hole for rear hanger under rocker sill.

8. Punch hole for front and rear hanger bolts (Fig. 1) and install bolts. Adjust entire ***embly so that muffler is perfectly parallel with rocker panel; twist or bend clamps and hangers slightly if necessary. Tighten entire ***embly.

9. Start your engine, check for rattles and leaks. Make any needed corrections and drive your car for five minutes to check again for rattles or leaks. Correct if necessary. For best appearance, paint entire system with black heat resistant paint.

10. Drill 10 5/32" holes in upper mouldings, spacing them so they do not interfere with existing holes or fender gaps, counter sink to fit No. 8 black screws furnished.

11. Slide upper moulding on cover so that notched end fits over plastic cap. As a precaution against rattles pinch cover at the moulding lightly with pliers,

12. Hold cover to side of rocker and roughly determine position to best cover muffler. Scribe a line below rocker panel and extend entire length of car.

13. With a helper, line up cover and cap ***embly to the line you scribed under rocker sill, making sure unit is parallel to sill and front lip of cap is fitting over edge of wheel opening‑ secure this ***embly with black screws.

14. Drill one hole on each side of plastic cap lip and secure with screw, as shown in Fig. 2. Replace screws in front wheel well mouldings if any and trim for a good fit.

15. The front plastic caps come in a permanent black finish. Should you want them to match the car's color, paint them, using a spray can of touch up paint.

16. Check for rattles and correct if necessary.