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    Default Better disc Brake System

    I have a 69 Javelin SST with an 85 Camero brake booster assembly in it.
    I was rebuilding my Javelin when my Brother was rebuilding his Camero. We striped a parts car for him at my house. I was amazed at how similar the booster and mouting bracket were to my car.
    Since I needed to replace mine, I took a few measurements.
    The only difference is that the AMC system bolts to 4 studs that are pressed into a bracket behind the firewall. The Camero system has 4 bolts pressed into the bracket. Since the studs were tack welded to the GM bracket, I removed the studs in the firewall and the whole system bolted right in.
    I used the GM propotioning Valve. It works great for me.
    The parts are cheap and readily avalible.


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    Good to know. I'm sure that will help out a lot of people.

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    Good to know , and good to see a new post on here..GEEZ.

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    Default why?

    its nice info and could help some people but personally im tryin for the amc to amc conversion. if thats to hard to do i'll do it your way but i dont want a franken car - although it will probably wind up that way. iguess thats ok tho because im not really going for a restored car, more of a fun muscle car.

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