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    Default Amx Hood On my Javy?

    hey i was wondering if any amx hoods could fit my javelin, im also interested in a little wilder of a hood but would like to keep the budget down, please help!

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    I'm pretty sure that the 68-70 AMX/Javelin hoods were interchangable.

    I'm not positive so I will try and confirm it at the shop tomorrow.

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    I have seen a few Javelins with AMX hoods and AMXs with Javelin hoods. I am almost certain that they will swap. Mind you that the 70 hoods are different than the 68-69 hoods. It takes a lot more work to get a 70 hood on a 68-69 car.

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    sounds good. i bet i could find a good amx hood cheap thanks

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    How good is your Javelin hood? If it is nice shape and you want more "style" with it, then buy some Mod Javelin hood scope for it. That would be cheaper than buying a "good" AMX hood. There are a few AMC vendors that sell the hood scoops. Just my two cents

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    my hood is almost rusted thru and completly cracked across. im definently goin to a new hood. i just want a little more flare with my new one

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    I have a question of interchangabilty of the 1970 hood (AMX or Javelin) with the 68-69 hoods (again, AMX or Javelin). I figure the only difference (if any) would be caused by the front fender extensions. Anybody already figure this one out?

    They interchange on my Scale models! I remember a long time ago I saw a 68-69 AMX that had a custom made Cowl Induction hood, I think it was an original JavelinAMX Hood shortend down in the front, it looked pretty good. I know the actual JavleinAMX hood will line up with the fenders and cowl of 69-69 cars because of the scale model thing again.


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    yeah, the only difference exterior differences between a 69 and 70 amx or Javelin is the fender extensions, grill and I'm pretty sure the front bumber as well. my dad custom made a 70 ram air for his 69 AMX and it looks pretty good.. I'm not sure how he did it since he did it in 83' and I was born in 90'...

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    Default 70 hood on 68-69

    70 hoods are about 1 inch longer in front. the inner structure is the same as 68-69 but the outer skin is extended. I found this out after I bought one, but my amx is a 70 with a 69 front clip and grille so i'm extending the grille openings on the fender extentions to mate to the hood.

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    I wanted a different looking hood as well so I made my own. I mocked up what I wanted on top of the factory hood with foam and sheetrock mud then pulled a mold off it. I'll attach a couple pictures.
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