After many years of trying to fix the back of bucket seats, we finally hit upon the idea of buying the reproductions from American Performance.
American Performance reproductions cost about $110.00 each and if you buy one, you might as well buy two. The major difference that we found with these repos were their weight. These seatbacks must weighed almost double of the plastic originals. An important thing to remember that the repos are made of fiberglass. They also are re-enforced at the tabs where they hang on the back of the seat itself. This really helps as far as the common problem of breakage in the area (old seatbacks). The screw holes are pretty much in the right spot on the bottom of the seatback.
The only problem, if you want to call that, was that of the hole for the flipper (seat release) was just a little bit off. This required the use of a Dremel tool to enlarge the hole to get the correct fit that you want. Also, the misalignment could be do the slop of the linkage or something like that.
So, what is the bottom line? We found that he seatback repos for the bucket seats were definitely worth the money involved. They were not hard to install and their outside appearance is excellent. In fact, wiith the new seatbacks in place, you would be hard press to tell the difference between the orginals and the reproductions.
If you have any questions, go to The Rocky Mountain AMC Club site and forward your questions though there.