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    Default Any AMX Magazines on the market?

    Is anyone aware of any magazines on the market that are specific to AMX's Similer to the Mustang guys who have Mustang Monthly and various other publications etc ....

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    Default AMX Magazines

    To the best of my knowledge there are no AMX Magazines deciated to just that car. I guess the main reason is that there just weren't that many of them built. Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine publishes their mag monthly and in almost every issue they have something about AMC cars and some writtings about the company itself. However, I do not recall any issue that had a AMX (68-70 two seaters) in it. Last June or July they ran a good article (about 6 pages) on the 71 Javelin AMX and even featured the car on the cover. Pretty nice write up on the car. Included a specification page and estimated price of the car when new.

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    Default AMX story

    Look for Hemmings Muscle Car magazine to have a story on Mel and Barb Valentine's '69 Big Bad Orange AMX in the May (I believe) issue in tribute to Mel who passed away recently. A totaly original AMX untouched and purchased when he was in college.

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    Default 69 Amx Bbo

    Thanks that is very cool

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    The other option is to join one of the national clubs and get their newsletter. May not be AMX specific but still is good info.

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    Default Are there any AMX specific clubs you guys know of?


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