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    Question AMX/3 Transaxle - Oto Melara 4 speed

    I have (2) of the AMX/3 Oto Melara Transaxles that I purchased back in 1981 ( date is approx.) from the Richard Teague batch of 28 transmissions when Gratiot Auto Supply here in Detroit went belly up.

    I am considering selling them both. They are brand new, not used, and complete.

    Is there any interest out there for these?

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    if I had a shell and a chassis, and the money, heck I'd go for it. Unfortunately, I'm a 20-year old college student.

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    Default amx/3 transaxle

    I am interested in your transaxles for sale. Also looking for any other parts available for AMX/3 currently restoring an AMX/3 for a customer. Please contact me at Thanks

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