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    Default Is it an factory option or an add on?

    Good Day, the 73 AMX 360 4V I just bought has a cross brace spanning from fender to fender just in front of the carb, this is in addition to the two braces running from the fender area to the front cross support. Was this a factory option ? or did somenoe ad it later. Thanks Rob

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    I beleieve that is an aftermarket add on. Shelby did something like that on the Mustang and alot of the new Tuner cars run something similar. I thought about doing that. How clean is the install, if you questioned that it might be factory I assume that it probably had some thought put in to it? how about access to everything, does it get in the way of air cleaner,oil fill tube or what not? If you could, post a picture. 70-up style suspension can pirate alot of Better Ideas from the people at the Ford Company , especially If Mr. Shelby put his magic into it.

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    I would say it's an aftermarket option left over from the trans am years. The 71 up Javelin had pretty thin underbody floor pan and needed help with the flex of the uni-body I even had to reinforce my rear shock mounts with 1/4 in steel plate after the shock mounts started popping through into the trunk!
    He's right about the Shelby thing though, Wiend intake manifolds had a high rise alum. dual plane that had an AMC part # on it just so it would be legal for pure stock comp.
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