I looking for a car of my fathers. It is a car that both he and I have a lot of memories of and would love to see again. Even if the car is not for sale I would still like to know where it is. Here is all that I know now,

1969 AMC AMX "Big Bad Orange"
Black interior
Black rally stripes with hood pins
It either had the 401 or the 390 but it did have the duel 4bbl cross ram intake
4 spd transmision
Fro awhile it had side pipes but I dont remember if they were on at the time of sale
It would have had a roll cage between 4-8 points I cant remember and red racing style lap belts.
On the front air dam it said "Pylon Pounder" and on the rear spoiler it said
"Out in front and pullin away"
I believe at the time of sale it had a blown engine, rod bearing or something.
It was sold from Toledo Ohio in the very late seventies to very early eighties
The liscence plate was Ohio KSF-788

Any info will be greatly appreciated!
email me at hayematt@msn.com