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    Default Production #'s

    I have a friend looking at a 71 AMX 401 4speed this weekend.Does any body know how many were built with the 401 4speed combo?

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    Are the production number for this perticular car not available?

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    Default production numbers

    Perhaps the people at this link can help you

    1971-1974 AMX Registry
    c/o Cliff Danley
    5618 Shorewood Road
    Jacksonville, FL. 32210

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    Thanks for the links I appreciate it.

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    Default Production numbers

    All I can find is 745 401 AMX's built in 1971, I've never seen any breakdowns on auto vs standard
    72 Javelin SST 258 6cyl. (Parts car)
    73 AMX 401/auto/PC

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