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    Default Forum Introduction and Guide

    Forum Introduction and Guide

    If you are having problems registering or logging-in:

    If you have registered but haven't recieved a confirmation email please check to see if the email with your confirmation information got caught by your spam filter. If you're still having problems contact

    Also, please see the Forum FAQ.

    If you've logged in before but are now having problems trying to log-in please see this thread here.

    If you're still having problems please contact the


    Anyone who is registered may post in the Forum, Classifieds and/or Gallery. Registration is free. Email addresses are not sold to any outside parties. On occasion major website updates will be sent by email. If you do not wish to recieve these announcements you may opt out of them in your user account settings.

    1. Before you post

    This website goes beyond the boards and many questions can be quickly answered within the main website itself (helpful links are below). Also, within the board many questions have already been asked, and a lot have already been answered. To search for existing threads please use the Forum Search facility.

    You can navigate through the main site by the main menu or the Site Map, there's also a Site Search available in the left column of the main site to help you find what you're looking for.

    2. The post content
    There are forum rules. In case you don't know them they are posted here: AMC Forum rules

    Try not to overuse the quote facility. You usually don't need to quote another post in full before adding your response: quoting excerpts is often better. As a general rule of thumb you should write more than you quote.

    4. Use the Preview button
    Before you submit your post for the world to see, you can click the Preview button to see what it it will look like. This is a chance to check that you have got your BBCode right (particularly useful if you've quoted another post) and that you haven't made any silly mistakes in your post.

    5. Try to stay on topic
    From time to time, threads wander off into strange areas, and that's not really a problem, but please try to stick to the topic under discussion as far as possible.

    6. If you'd like to post a picture in your post to better illustrate a point please see the FAQ on how to do so. Otherwise please post pictures in the AMC Gallery.

    7. Classifieds
    For Sale, Trade or Wanted ads are to be posted in the AMC Classifieds. The Classifieds has features specifically for ads. This also makes it easier to bring buyers and sellers together.
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    Default Forum Introduction and Guide

    I couldnt believe how many times I went to my computer to check and see if the forum was back up and running. On the other hand, I did manage to get a lot of things done that Id been procrastinating about getting done

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